What is EZ2d?
You may be wondering this question. To put it simply, EZ2D is an easy to use, game engine targeted for new game developers. Of course as its title implies, it uses 2 dimensional graphics. It uses SDL as its main API (sorry DirectX users), but very little knowledge of SDL is actually required. Since EZ2D uses SDL as its main API, it should be easily portable to all platforms supported by SDL. Currently, EZ2D supports the Linux (GCC), and Windows (MiniGW32 and MSVC++) platforms.


Docs added
    mike9010 - 2002-06-19 23:12   -   EZ2D Game Engine
I have now added docs to the titlebar at the top. In the docs, you will find currently one document on using the EZ_Font class that came with 1.0. Please read the doc if you want to use fonts!
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1.0 has been released!
    mike9010 - 2002-06-19 22:30   -   EZ2D Game Engine
Here is the first full release of ez2d! The previous 0.2a has been upped to 1.0!
New features in 1.0:
-EZ_Font class (for fonts and such)
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Alpha 0.2a release
    mike9010 - 2002-06-08 21:05   -   EZ2D Game Engine
Ok, I know I said that the next release was gonna be big, well this isn't the next big release. 0.2a is just a bugfix release. Please, if you use 0.2, or 0.1, please update to this now! It is so much better than them.
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Plans for next release
    mike9010 - 2002-06-07 12:15   -   EZ2D Game Engine
If you use Alpha 0.2, you may notice that the EZ_Image class is very buggy. Well, in correlation to that, I am rewriting the majority of that class. (if reading from home page, click title to read rest of article.)
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Alpha 0.2 Release
    mike9010 - 2002-06-02 20:08   -   EZ2D Game Engine
Ok. I am releasing the source to alpha 0.2. I must warn you however, that the class EZ_Image is completely unusable (some unforseen major bugs), and because of it, I am doing a complete rewrite of it. The EZ_Sound and EZ_Music classes should be alright, but most likely have some bugs. The next release should be soon, and will contain basic, and I mean basic, image functions.
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